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I assess the power of a will by how much resistance, pain, torture it endures and knows how to turn to its advantage” - Friedrich Nietzsche

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Written  by  the  author  John Vincent  on  25th  July  2015


The original  idea  for this book  came  to me 14 years  ago.  I was surprised  at the time how much  existentialism  played  such a prominent  role  in  some  peoples  lives, and why so little had been  written on the subject in recent years. I believe the society in which we live today forces people to become more existential in their attitude and outlook. The more society elcipses people's ability to become and define themselves by who they are, the more they feel alienated within it through their lack of expression and inability to connect to it. 

The  reason behind the book  is to explain  the existentialist or outsider and  their place in  modern society.  Through the book I intend not only to give the reader an insight into the outsider, but also ways they can apply their instincts to the absurd world around them to create their own meaning in life.

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