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“Learned we may be with another man's learning: we can only be wise with wisdom of our own.” - Michel de Montaigne, The Complete Essays

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     Has  the  modern  world  reached  an  impasse?  Has  humanity  expended  the  usefulness  of  its  current  capitalist  and  materialist  ideologies?  In  order  for  these  ideologies  to  be  sustained,  it  requires  society's  design  to  condition  people  to  aspire  to  a  succession  of  set  needs,  often  constantly  reinvented  which  provides  the  driving  force  which  propels  modern  society  forward.  Most  things  can  now  be  produced  at  the  same  speed  which  they're  discarded,  and  this  often  includes  people's  attitudes.  The  transient  and  unoriginal  creativity  which  underpins  society  today  is  a  natural  side effect  of  the  philosophy  of  materialism.  It  is  fast  becoming  a  world  where  more  and  more  people  are  conditioned  to  aspire  to  the  same  mediocre  needs  in  which  there  is  no  impetus  to  create  anything  unique  or  substantive.  Everyone  is  pensive,  waiting  for  the  next  new  modern  gadget  or  fashion  accessory  to  buy  their  way  out  of  the  norm,  without  realising  they  are  simply  creating  the  new  norm.  Capitalism  does  not  often  equate  to  sustainability.  Even  with  finite  resources  and  the  immense  damage  caused  by  pollution,  it  is  difficult  to  see (in  terms  of  our  current  ideology),  how  or  if  society  will  change  its  course.      

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