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“Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something.” - Plato

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Playing  the Trump Card

 By John Vincent

The recent petition to ban Donald Trump  from Britain  has now reached 400,000.  He thinks the US should ban Musilms  from entering the country  for a time ‘until we know what  the hell  is going on’.  Regardless  of whether  he is right or  wrong in what  he is saying,  let’s  look at how attitudes  have changed towards freedom of speech in recent times.

If  someone today holds views which people  find  abhorrent, the immediate  reaction is to isolate  that  person or to gag  him  or her in some way. Current legislation endorses  this trend of castigating anyone with a radically different point of view which most people strongly disagree  with  or find  offensive in any way. People within society have been encouraged to see this as a solution, to stop  anyone with a different view or perspective from voicing an opinion which might offend a particular section  of society.

The short-sighted  and ill-conceived doctrine  of political correctness  promotes  this attitude. It is changing society as  people have now become afraid to voice many of their true opinions for fear they may directly or indirectly allude to something which might upset or be prejudicial to  someone in  some way. This sometimes  inhibits people’s ability to act or respond to things as natural human beings,  as  society will now not accept  any  thought or articulation  which  might be  construed the wrong way  or might  show the slightest  hint of prejudice.  The removal of people’s incentive to feel free to voice their own opinion for fear of the potential ramifications,  has  ominous implications for society as a whole.  It leads not only to a lack of critical opinion,  but also engenders a  society  in  which people are afraid to say what they think – so  do not say anything at all. 

As  a result of the enveloping doctrine of political correctness,  this has made people much more intolerant  of anyone with  a conflicting point of view.  Not so long ago  people were  generally much more accepting of anyone  who held contrasting views. If  they thought  someone was  wide  of the mark  or  came  out with a ridiculous comment  about Muslims, Christians, Jews or transvestites, then it seems they were discerning enough  to  not take much notice of them  or even humour them.  That is not enough today.  People have been duped into believing the advent of political correctness  and the attitude it engenders, leads to a more tolerant society.  This is a complete paradox.  The most fervent proponents  of political correctness are often people who are not that bright and often do not think for themselves.  This attitude stifles opinion within society. It creates its own intolerance  to anyone who has an opinion that  a few think is objectionable in some way.  It creates  a fear amongst people to even voice certain opinions which they believe to be true and,  for many,  obscures their reality.

My view is this, we all know Donald Trump is an outspoken buffoon.  But,  what   does it say of us  when we feel we have to resort to  playing the politically correct Trump Card and ban him from Britain?


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