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“Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something.” - Plato

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I recently heard that lego had withdrawn from its promotional arrangement with the Daily Mail as some people believe they are promoting hate through their headline grabbing remarks about judges. More recently, a petition has been set up against the Sun newspaper for ‘funding hate’ as a response to their headlines about migrants and also during the Brexit campaign.  No matter how well intentioned these campaigns may be, they have serious implications for free speech and society as a whole.

For a number of years now the manufactured idea of absolute political correctness has been stifling people’s ability to actually articulate what they truly think. A string of new phrases has emerged in people’s language declaring something to be ‘anti‘ this or ‘anti’ that, and once something is branded the discussion or any semblance of reasoned argument about the subject matter is killed instantly. The resulting lack of ability to mention, discuss or just talk about issues which people feel they need to articulate represents an inherent flaw within society. Once subject matter is branded as ‘not politically correct’ it immediately becomes a taboo subject with the inference that those wishing to enter into a discussion on such subject matter are somehow bigots, racists or promoting hate in some way.

Many people are unaware that political correctness is an invention which has more to do with preventing discussion than actually making society a better place. Nobody actually learns anything by being taught not to discuss or broach a certain subject because it might upset some minority group. I am not saying people should just go out and say what they like without due respect for others, just that in any free society people should be at liberty to confront whatever issues their mind brings into question.

In some ways, we have already seen aspects of this backlash through the Brexit vote and Trump’s victory. Many people are increasingly fed up by the politically correct jargon thrown down their throats which has, in many ways, resulted in a lack of transparency within society. If subject matter is off the table, how an earth are people who are concerned about something supposed to arrive at any consensus? The simple truth is they are not. ‘Political correctness’ or ‘funding hate’ campaigns are now more about deciding the agenda for others often by scaremongering under the guise of upholding some moral highground. It is critical in any advanced society for people to be able to voice their concerns and openly discuss issues. Disenfranchising people of this right only leads to the propagation of more extreme views and opinions within society as people struggle to find a means to escape from the forces which compel them to remain silent about what they really think.  

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