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“If it turns out that there is a God...the worst that you can say about him is that basically he's an underachiever.” - Woody Allen

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The recent events surrounding the murder of the Saudi born (New York Times)journalist Jamal Kashoggi have been unprecedented. The actual murder, in its brazenness and brutality, was bad enough; but what’s subsequently transpired really sets the benchmark. Here in Britain you’d expect our political class to be lining up in their droves to condemn the murder given how much they profess to uphold human rights and the rule of law. But senior politicians have been unwilling to commit themselves to making any substantive statements regarding the matter. Our American friends across the water were even offering Mohamed bin Salman an alibi – before even knowing many of the facts.

The silence from the British political establishment is deafening, just at the time when the whole world was shocked by the savagery of Kashoggi’s murder. You’d expect silence from the 38 MP’s on the Saudi payroll(with this I mean MP’s who’ve been in receipt of thousands of pounds worth of free gifts from the Saudi government), which obviously buys Mohamed bin Salman and his regime a favourable sentiment in the chambers of Parliament. The other significant contractual arrangements Britain has with Saudi Arabia is the billions of pounds worth of arms deals which no-one in the Conservative government dares jeopardise. These weapons are being used for the so called War in Yemen. I use the term War loosely as paying mercenaries to do your fighting for you and indiscriminately targeting the civilian population can hardly be classified as fighting a war in its traditional sense. The other curious thing is that there’s hardly any coverage about this so called war in the mainstream media. The dire state of the Houthi population in Yemen and the whole state of affairs brought about by the Saudi regime is more akin to the genocide of a whole ethnic group. The criminality with which the Saudi regime has pursued its agenda in Yemen is staggering; not only specifically targeting civilians but the basic infrastructure which sustains them.

Whilst this genocide in Yemen has been ongoing, the political establishment has simply turned a blind eye to it – aided by the mainstream media removing it from the agenda. On the Kashoggi execution our politicians have said virtually nothing, maintaining they are waiting for an investigation to conclude. And look whose popped up to do the investigation – the prime suspect of course, the Clown Prince himself Mohamed bin Salman. Here in Britain the political class are probably hoping the whole thing will blow over as quickly as a disgraced MP re-enters the revolving door to be handed a position in government. The political establishment’s silent and non-committal stance on the Kashoggi execution speaks volumes and marks a shift in how much the British government has drifted from whatever principles or values it once had, to enter a new era where pragmatism steers the political ship. These same politicians, whose job you’d have thought would be to offer some guidance to the rest of society, given to brutality of the Kashoggi execution, have chosen to keep quiet and sit on the fence. I sincerely hope this financially pragmatic precedent and complete disregard for human life demonstrated by the government of our day never takes root in wider society, as such a society would not have any realistic future.



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 Can you spot the difference between these two clowns? Both are psychopaths who murder children. One on the right is John Wayne Gacey from Illinois convicted for murdering 33 children, in order to meet his victims he would dress as a clown and entertain them. The other is Mohamed bin Salman who doesn't need to dress as a clown as his actions speak for themselves. Known as the Clown Prince of Saudi Arabia his crimes include targeting a whole ethnic group of people by indiscriminate bombing and depriving them from accessing the basic necessities to survive. It's not known how many children he's killed so far but estimates are in the hundreds of thousands.

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